The harvested olives are processed in a continuous three-stage cycle (PIERALISI) in the south of the Salento Plain (an ideal area for agricultural cultivation), where qualified technicians monitor the production phase to ensure maximum quality.

Composed mainly of antioxidant substances, such as monounsaturated fatty acids, linoleic fatty acid, polyphenols, beta-carotene, oleic acid and a precious olecanthal molecule, it also contains vitamins A, D, E, and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium. These properties are an invaluable treasure for our health, both in terms of fighting free radicals and preventing and treating countless diseases, as numerous scientific studies have shown.


Leccino olives are the fruit of a very hardy plant that easily adapts to cold temperatures and is therefore suitable for cultivation on different soils. The Leccino plant also resists various diseases that are very common in olive cultivation. The Leccino is a plant that flowers and, consequently, matures rather early. Its production can be defined as abundant and also constant, the oil yield is medium to high and varies from 18% to 22%. The olives are of medium size, easy to pick and do not offer much resistance. The resulting yield is an extra virgin olive oil suitable for table consumption.

Leccino olive oil is an oil of good and excellent quality depending on how the product is processed. Milling is always a fundamental part of producing a good product. If the milling action is performed in the very first hours after the harvest, the product obtained is truly of the highest quality.

It is a very balanced EVO oil that finds the right balance between bitter, spicy, sweet and fruity flavours, all accompanied by slight hints of almond. The Leccino olive is known to give a delicate oil with a typical golden yellow colour with some greenish reflections. Leccino olives, combined with other olives with stronger notes, help create a softer taste and give the right balance between the distinctive bitter and spicy characteristics. In the union of the Cavicchi organic Tricultivar EVO oil is the most delicate olive.

The Cellina di Nardò cultivar is also known as the Saracen cultivar. In fact, it is due to the Saracens that this olive became so widespread. It has some limitations in yield due to the difficulties that arise at the time of separation. Puglia is perhaps the only region in Italy that has cultivations concentrated on this particular variety.

One characteristic that immediately catches the eye is the purplish colouring of the inner part of the fruit. The Cellina di Nardò olive gives a very high quality oil that is strongly recognisable by its typical vegetable and fruit notes. The aromatic character offers hints of tomato, grass, almond and berries. Intense are the spicy notes and there is a bitter aftertaste that makes this product qualitatively superior.

Cavicchi Organic Tricultivar EVO oil marries the tougher notes of the Cellina di Nardò olive with the other two varieties, the softer Lecchino and the particularly full-bodied Ogliarola Salentina. Even for the Cellina di Nardò olive, milling is best done in the very first hours after picking the fruit. This rapid harvesting makes it possible to obtain a very high quality oil compared to other less valuable oils. The yield of the Cellina di Nardò cultivar is, as already mentioned, very low, but the quality of the product is truly excellent. 

The Cellina di Nardò olive is perfect both for monocultivar oil and for oils created from the union of several olives such as the organic EVO Tricultivar Cavicchi oil. This makes the oil produced from the Cellina di Nardò olive a very versatile oil. The oil is widely used in cooking and the olives are also excellent in brine. The Cellina di Nardò cultivar is a prized olive and consequently so is its oil.

Ogliarola salentina

Fruity with light intensity, hints of lettuce and cut grass. Fresh almond prevails on the palate, just the right balance between bitter and spicy. The farm covers an area of about 20 hectares, where the olive groves are tended according to the strictest organic farming methods. It is home to imposing centuries-old olive trees with unique 'twisted' trunks reminiscent of ancient sculptures, like snake bodies suddenly stiffened by time and other fantastic creatures that nature has developed over the centuries. Those same olive trees that the Greeks and Romans considered sacred and saw in the structure of the trunk, the ideal home of gods, nymphs, demons and satyrs.

The newly built mill stands on a hill surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub; it is currently one of the most modern in the area, equipped with high-tech processing facilities. The extraction of the olive oil is characterised by the presence of two cold-processing lines and the continued use of a three-millstone mill made of black granite, thanks to which a cold-pressed oil of excellent quality can be extracted.

Once the olives have reached the right degree of ripeness, they are harvested directly from the tree by hand or by mechanical means; this precious fruit is milled within 12 hours of harvesting. This allows us to obtain oils with extraordinary organoleptic properties, such as the 'harmonic' extra virgin oil, with its typical golden yellow colour and balanced taste with a slight hint of almond; or such as the 'fruity' extra virgin oil, with an intense perfume with perceptions of pungency and bitter leaf notes.

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