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Olio EVO Tricultivar

Normale Papua (500 ML)

Golden yellow colour with light green reflections

Olio EVO Tricultivar Cavicchi: Perfect with roasts and meat dishes such as roasts and steaks.

Sweet Cavicchi Tricultivar EVO Oil: A condiment that goes well with white meats, fish and both cooked and raw vegetable dishes.

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Tricultivar: Celline di Nardò Ogliarola Salentina and Leccino

A special organic extra virgin olive oil of very rare fruity quality with the right balance of bitterness and spiciness extracted cold, tri-varietal 'Cellina di Nardò'. Ogliarola Salentina and Leccino


100% Italian product " TRICULTIVAR: CELLINA di NARDO' OGLIAROLA SALENTINA and LECCINO". Olives only from ORGANIC, ORGANIC FARMING CERTIFIED IT-BIO-004 controlled operator code 43069

Region: PUGLIA precisely in the olive-growing estate of CAVICCHI STEFANO in the north-western SALENTO: The rustic olive-growing estates are in the districts of Avetrana and Manduria including: Specchiarica, Marina, Chiepocasanova, Strazzati, Papanni, Specchiarascina, Villanova, Abbatemasi and others.


October for Olio EVO Tricultivar Cavicchi
December for sweet Cavicchi Tricultivar EVO oil


After booking an appointment with the ORGANIC mill for immediate milling and with a "CONTROLLED CERTIFIED ORGANIC SYSTEM", the CAVICCHI STEFANO farm proceeds on the same day as the appointment to harvest its olives from which the CAVICCHI ORGANIC EVO OIL will come out.

The olives are harvested with nets using mechanical shakers; these shake the tree causing the olives to fall onto the nets or with an umbrella shaker directly inside. Once the olives have been defoliated, using special sorting machines in the field, they are immediately loaded onto the Azienda Agricola CAVICCHI's own trailer by means of conveyor belts and transported to the mill specialised in organic processing. Here they are deposited in breathable containers called bins. and subsequently discharged into the washing tanks of the continuous cold cycle mill. Now the pressing of the CAVICCHI ORGANIC olives begins.

ORGANIC CERTIFIED EXTRACTION AND MILLING SYSTEM IT-004 (control body authorised by MIPAAF IT-BIO-004 controlled operator N.32749). Milling takes place immediately upon arrival of the olives at the mill; extraction is carried out cold by a continuous cycle plant using exclusively mechanical means under nitrogen, which is technologically advanced and allows us to keep temperature and processing time under constant control.

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Made in Italy

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