Taking all this into account, I decided to apply myself with passion, trying to re-evaluate my olive groves, giving them my utmost commitment and dedication, in order to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of sublime quality that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

We are in Italy, in Apulia, specifically in the north-western Salento region. Olive trees, you know, have always been the beating heart of this part of the region, and mine too. All year round I anxiously await the start of the harvest and with the arrival of October the frenzy increases. From this juncture I take to the field myself, assessing day by day the right degree of ripeness of the fruit and as soon as the olives change colour I proceed with the harvest. The phases and processes that will lead me to produce my CAVICCHI extra virgin olive oil now begin.

I. Stefano Cavicchi OLIVE FARMER

I will now explain my typical day in the countryside from when the harvesting of my olives begins until their transformation into CAVICCHI EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

Waking up at 4.00 a.m., 5.00 a.m. in the warehouse-warehouse to restock and prepare the tractors and the necessary tools, we set off with all the farm staff to a pre-selected olive grove on my property. At the first light of day, around 6 a.m., the mechanical harvesting of the olives begins with modern shakers that cause them to fall onto nets and avoid their contact with the ground.

The olives, which have fallen on the nets, are defoliated with a special sorting machine, and by means of a conveyor belt they are transferred to the tractor trailer until it is full or the farm workers' working day is over.

Once the loading of the trailer is finished, I myself immediately deliver the tractor with the load of harvested olives to an equipped and certified ORGANIC oil mill, which, with modern PIERALISI machinery and sophisticated millstones made of black granite, will carry out the milling and thanks to which it will be possible to obtain a product with extraordinary organoleptic properties.

Once the harvest is unloaded, the immediate cold milling and pressing begins.

This particular pressing technique, known as 'cold pressing', takes place at temperatures below 27°C and allows the nutritional and physical characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil to remain unaltered, preserving intact the properties, and enhancing the benefits, that derive from it once consumed.

The CAVICCHI ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil, thus milled, is immediately stored in my own silo tank located in the temperature-controlled underground cellar of the same mill. Inert gas, nitrogen, is then introduced into the same stainless steel tank until it is filled.

This process eliminates air from the tank and prevents oxidation and alteration of the oil.

To sum it all up: the harvesting of the olives, the pressing of the olives and the storage of the oil all take place within the same working day.

There are more than 2000 olive trees, mostly centuries old, owned by the Azienda Agricola Cavicchi Stefano from which the CAVICCHI ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil is obtained. It is extracted from the olives of different cultivars among which we mention: the Leccino, the Cellina di Nardò, the Ogliarola Salentina, the Nociara, the Pendolino, etc.

The approximately 20 hectares of land cultivated with olive trees owned by Azienda Agricola Cavicchi Stefano located in Avetrana (TA) via lago D'Iseo s.n. are precisely located in the territories and districts of:
Specchiarica (in the countryside of Manduria-TA)
Marina, Strazzati, Papanni, Specchiarascina, Villanova, Abbatemasi, Chiepocasanova etc. (in the countryside of Avetrana-TA).

What differentiates the extraction system of my chosen mill?

In the deramification phase they wash and dry the olives before pressing to avoid bringing in the bacteria that are in the water.

The crushing system is an advanced system because it uses blades whose rotation speed is controllable and this allows them to affect the organoleptic characteristics of my oil. The olive paste is cooled in an exchanger that brings its temperature to a maximum of 19-20 degrees centigrade.

The Mori-Tem's decanters are vertical and this reduces the stationary time, in fact the time it takes for the paste to travel without stationary before entering the decanter is 20 minutes.
Grading, in fact, until now has been based on time and temperature without thinking that these two factors could negatively affect the product.

The management of the entire production cycle of the oil mill is done through a system from which we can control the temperature of all processing stages for maximum quality control.

The BIO-certified storage and bottling of CAVICCHI EVO oil takes place under nitrogen, which allows for greater safety during storage. All CAVICCHI ORGANIC extra virgin olive oils are analysed by certified and accredited laboratories and tasted by expert tasters (authorised Panel Test).

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